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[Firmware Update] New firmware for all mightyZAP lineup!

2019-03-12 15:55

Updated firmware for mightyZAP all lineup are just released. To optimize your mightyZAP performance, you are strongly requested to update your old version firmware.

What is updated?

Update Before After Purpose
PID value improvement - PID value Improved Minimize intermittent jittering at motion end
Overload shutdown level - Less sensitive overload shutdown feature To prolong Overload shutdown trigger time
Input voltage error range 12V lineup Out of 9V~13V range More than 13V (Lower input voltage error is removed, but min. voltage should be 6.5V to operate mightyZAP.) For users who want to use mightyZAP at lower voltage. At lower voltage, force & speed will be lowered too.
7.4V lineup Out of 6V~8.9V range More than 8.9V (Lower input voltage error is removed, but min. voltage should be 3V to operate mightyZAP.)
Overload shudown reset After overload shutdown, servo motor needs to be turned on again manually. After overload shutdown, system recovery can be made by "Restart" command. For easier system recovery after overload protection

How to update?

Please refer to the respective pages below for more detailed info.

[27mm Stroke Economical/Premium Lineup]

[41mm Stroke Premium Lineup]

[56mm Stroke Premium Lineup]

Thank you very much.