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mightyZAP, the micro linear servo actuating solution for the era of the 4th industrial revolution

Just How Much Cholesterol is in an Egg?

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Main Features

Current Control / Current Feedback

  • Stall Force and current control based on current feedback
  • Current feedback allows detection of objects and obstacles
  • Possible to maintain constant force for a certain time (Applicable to Gripper, etc.)

Precision position & Dynamic speed control

  • 30~50μm Unidirectional repeatability & Position feedback (Varied by each stroke version. See spec chart.)
  • Absolute position sensing via Potentiometer (No Calibration needed)
  • 32Bit Micro controller, High resolution (4096) A/D converter
  • 1000 steps dynamic speed control (Fastest speed is default.)

Durability & Safety

  • Longer durability compared to the 12Lf series by applying a 17mm diameter 12V coreless motor
  • Metal alloy rod
  • Engineering plastic case (27mm stroke version)
  • Aluminum stroke case & engineering plastic motor case (37mm/50mm/87mm/)*
  • Current control allowing longer life cycle & safer control
  • Life-cycle Reference Data is on our website (Under 50% duty cycle recommended)
  • Vertical (Z axis) use is possible due to mechanical Self-lock 
    (Certain models are not applicable, see the model chart)
  • Smart overload protection by calculation of cumulative current
  • LED indicator shows voltage/overload error status and also shows simple circuit damage diagnosis


  • Compact size for space constraints
  • Hassle-free, Built-in drive circuitor
  • Daisy chain serial connection between servos
  • Improved user expandability by 4 x Expansion I/O ports (control without coding is available)
  • Various mounting solutions
  • Detachable and 90° rotatable hinge design (Patented)
  • Dedicated PC Software (Parameter setting & simple motion testing) and PC USB Interface (IR-USB02 or 03) available (Optional)
  • LED Error indicator and MODBUS communication error code
  • Paired with various controller types
    (PC / PLC / Arduino / Rasberry-Pi / RC Controller / Dedicated embedded board etc.)

Variety and Line-Up

  • Various Stroke options (27mm, 37mm, 50mm, 87mm)*
  • Various Rated Load options (17 ~ 70N)
  • Various Speed options (28 to 117mm/s at No load condition)
  • RS-485 data communication (4pins)
  • Modbus RTU Protocol (IR Open protocol is not available)
  • PWM and TTL to be added later
  • Customization is actively available
    * Can be extended up to 30mm/40mm/53mm/90mm through IR-USB02 or USB03, respectively.


  • Medical device and Lab equipment
  • Kiosk machines
  • Robotics
  • Automation (Factory / Home / Agriculture etc)
  • Production and inspection jigs
  • UAV (Fixed wing / Helicopter / Multicopter etc)
  • DYI, Education, Hobby, etc

Common Specifications

Repeatability Stroke Unidirectional
27mm / 37mm 30μm(0.03mm)
50mm 40μm(0.04mm)
87mm 50μm(0.05mm)
Mechanical Backlash 0.03mm(30μm)
Rod Type Metal Alloy Rod
Motor Type Coreless DC (17mm diameter)
Rated Voltage 12V
Motor Watt 3.8W
Recommended Duty Cycle At Rated Load At Max Applicable Load
Max 50% Max 20%
Current Accuracy ±15%at Over 50mA
Position Sensor 10KΩlinear Potentiometer
Input Voltage Range 7 ~13V (Rated 12VDC)
Current Consumption Idle Rated Stall
Default MAX
Under 30mA  400mA 800mA 1600mA
Audible Noise Approx. 50db at 1m
LED Indication Two Errors Indications (Input voltage, Overload)
Communication Method / Protocol RS-485 / MODBUS RTU (IR Open protocol is not supported)
Expoansion I/O Port 4 Ports (Function : Switch, JOG, Action Enable, Force Off, PAUSE, STOP, RESTART, Alarm OUT)
Ingress Protection IP-54(Dust & Water Tight)
/ Wight (Dimension
excluding the rod-end tip
and hinge)
27mm 57.5×40.6x23mm / 65.5g
37mm 86.8×57.9x23mm / 113.5g
50mm 111.5×57.9x23mm / 140g
87mm 151.5×57.9x23mm / 188g
Operating Temperature -10℃~ 60℃
Wire Harness Comm./Power RS-485 Molex to Molex Type(Molex 510650400, 4pins) / 200mm length, 0.08×60(22AWG)
I/O Port I/O Port Wire harness : Molex 510210500, 5pins / 200mm length, 0.16 x 7 (26AWG)


Standard Accessories

mightyZAP Manager SOFTWARE

Optional Accessories

Eggs have actually long been a controversial food due to their cholesterol material. For many years, experts cautioned against taking in eggs consistently, being afraid that the high cholesterol degrees could increase the threat of heart disease. However, recent research has actually challenged this notion, recommending that the cholesterol in eggs might not have as substantial an impact on our health and wellness as when believed. In this article, we will certainly look into the subject and discover just how much cholesterol is in an egg.

The Nutritional Structure of Eggs

Eggs are highly nourishing and provide a large range of essential nutrients. They are a wonderful resource of high-grade protein, offering all the essential amino acids our bodies require. Additionally, eggs are rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin E, as well as vitamin K. They are also a great resource of minerals like iron, phosphorus, and selenium.

When it pertains to cholesterol, eggs do consist of a considerable amount. The yolk, in particular, is the component of the egg that is cholesterol-rich. Typically, a huge egg yolk includes around 186 milligrams of cholesterol. This might seem like a whole lot, as it surpasses 60% of the advised everyday consumption of cholesterol for the ordinary adult. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that nutritional cholesterol does not have the very same impact on blood cholesterol degrees as was when keramin mast recenze believed.

It is worth noting that the egg white, also known as the albumen, is cholesterol-free and also includes only trace quantities of fat. For that reason, people who are concerned regarding their cholesterol consumption can still enjoy the protein-packed goodness of egg whites without worrying about the cholesterol web content.

The Connection In Between Nutritional Cholesterol uromexil forte ára as well as Blood Cholesterol Levels

Unlike common belief, research recommends that dietary cholesterol, such as the cholesterol found in eggs, might not considerably effect blood cholesterol degrees for most people.

Cholesterol is a ceraceous substance discovered in our bodies and also specific foods. It plays a crucial function in the production of hormones, vitamin D, as well as bile acids. While our bodies generate cholesterol normally, we also obtain it from the foods we eat.

Historically, it was assumed that eating foods high in cholesterol would elevate blood cholesterol degrees, raising the threat of heart disease. However, research studies have shown that for the majority of people, nutritional cholesterol has a minimal result on blood cholesterol degrees. Rather, our bodies snugly control cholesterol production, readjusting the degrees based upon just how much we take in from food.

Remarkably, various other dietary variables have a more substantial influence on blood cholesterol degrees than nutritional cholesterol itself. Trans fats and saturated fats, which are usually discovered in processed and also fried foods, have actually been shown to increase LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels, generally described as “bad” cholesterol. On the other hand, consuming foods abundant in unsaturated fats, such as nuts, avocados, and olive oil, can help enhance HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, commonly referred to as “good” cholesterol.

Health And Wellness Considerations as well as Egg Consumption

While eggs do include cholesterol, they are also a nutrient-dense food with various wellness benefits. The dietary standards offered by numerous trustworthy organizations, consisting of the American Heart Organization and the American University of Cardiology, no more recommend strict restrictions on nutritional cholesterol consumption. Instead, they emphasize the relevance of a healthy and balanced consuming pattern that includes a variety of nutrient-rich foods.

  • Eggs are a good resource of healthy protein, which helps in muscular tissue repair service and also development.
  • Eggs are abundant in choline, a nutrient essential for brain development as well as function.
  • Eggs contain a number of anti-oxidants, including lutein as well as zeaxanthin, which promote eye wellness.
  • Eggs are overfilling and also can aid regulate hunger, making them an important enhancement to a balanced diet.

It is important to keep in mind that while eggs can be component of a healthy diet, moderation is key. Consuming eggs in small amounts, along with a variety of other nutrient-rich foods, is the most effective approach for overall health as well as cholesterol management.

Final thought

Eggs are a nutritious food selection that offers many health benefits. While egg yolks do consist of a significant quantity of cholesterol, current research study suggests that dietary cholesterol might not have a significant effect on blood cholesterol degrees for a lot of individuals. Instead, factors such as saturated and trans fats have a more significant effect on cholesterol degrees. Similar to all facets of nourishment, equilibrium and also moderation are essential. Including eggs right into an all-around diet can supply useful nutrients without creating injury to cardiovascular health.

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