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mightyZAP, the micro linear servo actuating solution for the era of the 4th industrial revolution

The Carnivore Diet Plan: An Ultimate Guide to Meat-based Nourishment

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Main Features

Current Control / Current Feedback

  • Stall Force and current control based on current feedback
  • Current feedback allows detection of objects and obstacles
  • Possible to maintain constant force for a certain time (Applicable to Gripper, etc.)

Precision position & Dynamic speed control

  • 30~50μm Unidirectional repeatability & Position feedback (Varied by each stroke version. See spec chart.)
  • Absolute position sensing via Potentiometer (No Calibration needed)
  • 32Bit Micro controller, High resolution (4096) A/D converter
  • 1000 steps dynamic speed control (Fastest speed is default.)

Durability & Safety

  • Longer durability compared to the 12Lf series by applying a 17mm diameter 12V coreless motor
  • Metal alloy rod
  • Engineering plastic case (27mm stroke version)
  • Aluminum stroke case & engineering plastic motor case (37mm/50mm/87mm/)*
  • Current control allowing longer life cycle & safer control
  • Life-cycle Reference Data is on our website (Under 50% duty cycle recommended)
  • Vertical (Z axis) use is possible due to mechanical Self-lock 
    (Certain models are not applicable, see the model chart)
  • Smart overload protection by calculation of cumulative current
  • LED indicator shows voltage/overload error status and also shows simple circuit damage diagnosis


  • Compact size for space constraints
  • Hassle-free, Built-in drive circuitor
  • Daisy chain serial connection between servos
  • Improved user expandability by 4 x Expansion I/O ports (control without coding is available)
  • Various mounting solutions
  • Detachable and 90° rotatable hinge design (Patented)
  • Dedicated PC Software (Parameter setting & simple motion testing) and PC USB Interface (IR-USB02 or 03) available (Optional)
  • LED Error indicator and MODBUS communication error code
  • Paired with various controller types
    (PC / PLC / Arduino / Rasberry-Pi / RC Controller / Dedicated embedded board etc.)

Variety and Line-Up

  • Various Stroke options (27mm, 37mm, 50mm, 87mm)*
  • Various Rated Load options (17 ~ 70N)
  • Various Speed options (28 to 117mm/s at No load condition)
  • RS-485 data communication (4pins)
  • Modbus RTU Protocol (IR Open protocol is not available)
  • PWM and TTL to be added later
  • Customization is actively available
    * Can be extended up to 30mm/40mm/53mm/90mm through IR-USB02 or USB03, respectively.


  • Medical device and Lab equipment
  • Kiosk machines
  • Robotics
  • Automation (Factory / Home / Agriculture etc)
  • Production and inspection jigs
  • UAV (Fixed wing / Helicopter / Multicopter etc)
  • DYI, Education, Hobby, etc

Common Specifications

Repeatability Stroke Unidirectional
27mm / 37mm 30μm(0.03mm)
50mm 40μm(0.04mm)
87mm 50μm(0.05mm)
Mechanical Backlash 0.03mm(30μm)
Rod Type Metal Alloy Rod
Motor Type Coreless DC (17mm diameter)
Rated Voltage 12V
Motor Watt 3.8W
Recommended Duty Cycle At Rated Load At Max Applicable Load
Max 50% Max 20%
Current Accuracy ±15%at Over 50mA
Position Sensor 10KΩlinear Potentiometer
Input Voltage Range 7 ~13V (Rated 12VDC)
Current Consumption Idle Rated Stall
Default MAX
Under 30mA  400mA 800mA 1600mA
Audible Noise Approx. 50db at 1m
LED Indication Two Errors Indications (Input voltage, Overload)
Communication Method / Protocol RS-485 / MODBUS RTU (IR Open protocol is not supported)
Expoansion I/O Port 4 Ports (Function : Switch, JOG, Action Enable, Force Off, PAUSE, STOP, RESTART, Alarm OUT)
Ingress Protection IP-54(Dust & Water Tight)
/ Wight (Dimension
excluding the rod-end tip
and hinge)
27mm 57.5×40.6x23mm / 65.5g
37mm 86.8×57.9x23mm / 113.5g
50mm 111.5×57.9x23mm / 140g
87mm 151.5×57.9x23mm / 188g
Operating Temperature -10℃~ 60℃
Wire Harness Comm./Power RS-485 Molex to Molex Type(Molex 510650400, 4pins) / 200mm length, 0.08×60(22AWG)
I/O Port I/O Port Wire harness : Molex 510210500, 5pins / 200mm length, 0.16 x 7 (26AWG)


Standard Accessories

mightyZAP Manager SOFTWARE

Optional Accessories

When it comes to diet regimen fads, the carnivore diet plan has been making waves recently. This controversial consuming plan, also referred to as the zero-carb or all slander quick-meat diet regimen, is based on the concept of consuming only animal items and totally eliminating all plant-based foods. Supporters of the carnivore diet case that it can result in various wellness benefits, such as weight loss, improved psychological clarity, and also raised power levels. In this short article, we will explore the details of the predator diet regimen, discovering its concepts, possible advantages, and also concerns.

The Concepts of the Predator Diet plan

The carnivore diet regimen is reasonably straightforward in terms of what you can consume. It mostly consists of pet items, including meat, fish, fowl, and eggs. Some individuals also include limited amounts of dairy items, such as butter as well as cheese, while others select to avoid them entirely. The diet regimen strictly omits all forms of plant-based foods, consisting of fruits, veggies, grains, beans, nuts, as well as seeds. Furthermore, refined foods, sugars, as well as man-made ingredients are additionally off the menu.

Proponents of the predator diet say that our forefathers, especially those from the Paleolithic era, mostly depended on animal-based nourishment for survival. They declare that our bodies are better adjusted to eating pet products, as they contain necessary nutrients in their most bioavailable types. By avoiding plant-based foods, which some argue might include antinutrients and toxic substances, the predator diet regimen aims to enhance food digestion as well as overall health and wellness.

However, it is necessary to note that the carnivore diet regimen is considered a severe as well as limiting consuming plan. It is not suggested for everyone, especially those with specific clinical conditions or dietary constraints. As with any type of diet regimen, it is important to speak with a healthcare professional before making any kind of substantial adjustments to your consuming practices.

    The Prospective Advantages of the Predator Diet regimen:
  • Weight-loss: One of the main factors people count on the carnivore diet regimen is for weight loss. By removing carbohydrates and also focusing on high-protein, high-fat foods, this diet plan may result in minimized calorie consumption and increased satiety, possibly causing weight-loss.
  • Boosted Psychological Quality: Some supporters of the carnivore diet regimen claim that consuming an entirely meat-based diet regimen can improve mental quality and focus. They recommend that this is because of the lack of potential allergens and also the boosted consumption of important nutrients, such as omega-3 fats as well as vitamin B12.
  • Boosted Energy enerflex crema Degrees: Advocates of the carnivore diet regimen frequently report raised power degrees and also lowered tiredness. They attribute this to the removal of foods that may cause energy accidents or digestive system problems, such as processed carbs as well as specific plant-based foods.
  • Possible Issues as well as Considerations

    While the carnivore diet may have its supporters, it likewise raises a number of worries within the clinical as well as nutritional communities. Here are some crucial factors to consider to remember:

      1. Nutritional Deficiencies:

    The key concern with the carnivore diet plan is the possibility for nutritional shortages. By removing plant-based foods, people may miss out on crucial vitamins, minerals, fiber, and anti-oxidants. Nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, as well as potassium are mainly located in plant-based foods as well as are important for total wellness.

      2. Raised Risk of Persistent Diseases:

    Long-lasting adherence to a diet plan greatly focused on pet products might increase the threat of particular persistent diseases. Some studies recommend that diet regimens high in animal-based foods, especially red and processed meats, are connected with an increased threat of cardiovascular disease, particular cancers cells, and also other health and wellness conditions.

      3. Digestion Issues:

    The absence of dietary fiber from plant-based foods in the carnivore diet plan can result in digestive system concerns such as bowel irregularity. Fiber plays a critical duty in preserving a healthy and balanced gastrointestinal system and promoting regular defecation.

    That Should Prevent the Predator Diet Plan?

    While some people might experience temporary take advantage of the carnivore diet plan, it is important to consider who must prevent this consuming plan:

      1. People with Existing Wellness Conditions:

    If you have any pre-existing health and wellness conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney issues, or gastrointestinal disorders, it is vital to talk to your doctor prior to embarking on the predator diet plan. These problems might need a more well balanced as well as personalized method to nutrition.

      2. Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers:

    Expecting ladies and also nursing mommies have raised dietary requirements to support their own health and wellness and the growth and also advancement of their children. The carnivore diet plan might not provide ample nutrients required throughout these crucial stages of life.

    The Bottom Line

    The predator diet is a severe and also extremely restrictive eating plan that focuses only on pet items while getting rid of all plant-based foods. While some people may experience short-term benefits such as weight management, improved mental clarity, and also raised power degrees, it is important to recognize the potential dangers as well as dietary shortages connected with this diet. If you are considering the carnivore diet plan, it is important to speak with a health care professional to guarantee it appropriates for your specific needs as well as to discover other well balanced as well as lasting approaches to nutrition.

    Bear in mind, preserving a well-rounded as well as varied diet regimen that consists of a variety of nutrient-dense foods is crucial for total wellness and well-being.

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