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[Firmware Update]Firmware update for all models!

2019-07-23 15:38

We are pleased to announce new firmware update on July, 22nd, 2019.

As current update includes very crucial improvements, please update the firmware after
checking version.

Before After What are updated?
Different overload spec per each model All models overload protection standard are unified and motor cut off under below conditions ;
- Continuous operation for more than 30sec. or,
- Actuator is stuck at certain point for more than 30sec without position change after goal position command.
Overload protection improvement
Force limit feature removal Force limit feature
(volatile parameter)
Force limit feature removal To be removed as “Max force”(Non-volatile data) parameter has same function.
“Max force” name change Previous name has been
“Max force”
New name “Motor Operating rate” To provide more exact definition of this feature
“Motor operating rate” range change Previously 0~1023 (under the Max force feature) New range : 400~1023 To be changed to actual operating range.
“Speed” Parameter Removal Unnatural speed adjustment by Speed parameter Speed adjustment by “Motor operating rate”. (Force and speed will be adjusted at the same time) More smooth speed adjustment.
Compliance margin Compliance margin Segmentalized to “Start compliance margin” and “End compliance margin” Improved Stability of position control
Firmware update Calibration process after firmware update. Secure exact stroke range