mightyZAP, the micro linear servo actuating solution for the era of the 4th industrial revolution

Mini Linear Servo Actuator

Overview – Force Control Lineup (12Lf Series)
The 2nd Generation of mightyZAP actuators supporting position, current and speed control. Both MODBUS RTU & IR Open Protocols available

Mini Size

Built-in Drive (RS-485 or PWM/TTL)

Dynamic Speed Control

Position Control

Current Control

Position/Current Feedback via Data Communication

12V Heavy Duty DC Coreless Motor

Force Control Lineup (12Lf Series) Features
  • The 2nd generation mightyZAP series supporting dynamic speed & current control as well as
    position control along with position & current feedback
  • Built-in drive circuit, position sensor, 12mm diameter coreless DC motor and gear box
  • 27/40/53/90mm stroke option
  • Rated Load of 12N ~ 100N according to gear ratio for each stroke
    * Speed is inversely proportional to Rated Load, so the stronger the Rated Load, the slower the speed.
  • Support RS-485 or TTL / PWM communication
    * TTL / PWM communication version operates by automatically recognizing the input TTL / PWM signal

    * When using PWM communication, only the position command is available without position feedback (For feedback feature, use TTL or RS-485 communication)

  • Both MODBUS RTU and IR open protocols available
Force Control Lineup (12Lf Series) Specifications
Rated Load Stroke Communication Rated Load /
Max Speed(No Load)
Stall Force at Current
(1.6A / 800mA / 1000mA)
Mechanical Self-Lock
(Z Axis Use)
Lead Screw / Gear Ratio / Gear Type
10N 40mm 12Lf-10F-40 12Lf-10PT-40 10N / 110mm/s 60N / 40N / 10N No
(Pay attention to application)
Lead Angle20° / 10:1
/ Engineering
Plastic Gears
53mm 12Lf-10F-53 12Lf-10PT-53
90mm 12Lf-10F-90 12Lf-10PT-90
12N 27mm 12Lf-12F-27 12Lf-12PT-27 12N / 110mm/s 100N / 60N / 8N
17N 40mm 12Lf-17F-40 12Lf-17PT-40 17N / 80mm/s 100N / 60N / 8N Lead Angle15° / 10:1
/ Engineering
Plastic Gears
53mm 12Lf-17F-53 12Lf-17PT-53
90mm 12Lf-17F-90 12Lf-17PT-90
20N 27mm 12Lf-20F-27 12Lf-20PT-27 20N / 80mm/s 120N / 72N / 9.6N
27N 40mm 12Lf-27F-40 12Lf-27PT-40 27N / 28mm/s 160N / 96N / 12.8N Yes
Lead Angle 5° / 10:1
/ Engineering
Plastic Gears
53mm 12Lf-27F-53 12Lf-27PT-53
90mm 12Lf-27F-90 12Lf-27PT-90
35N 27mm 12Lf-35F-27 12Lf-35PT-27 35N / 28mm/s 210N / 126N / 16.8N
42N 40mm 12Lf-42F-40 12Lf-42PT-40 42N / 15mm/s 240N / 144N / 19.2N Lead Angle 5° / 20:1
/ Metal Gear
53mm 12Lf-42F-53 12Lf-42PT-53
55N 27mm 12Lf-55F-27 12Lf-55PT-27 55N / 15mm/s 300N / 180N / 24N
78N 40mm 12Lf-78F-40 12Lf-78PT-40 78N / 7.7mm/s 420N / 252N / 33.6N Lead Angle 5° / 50:1
/ Metal Gears
53mm 12Lf-78F-53 12Lf-78PT-53
100N 27mm 12Lf-100F-27 12Lf-100PT-27 100N / 7.7mm/s 600N / 360N / 48N
Force Control Lineup (12Lf Series) Common Specifications
Repeatability Stroke Unidirectional
27mm / 40mm 30μm(0.03mm)
53mm 40μm(0.04mm)
90mm 50μm(0.05mm)
Mechanical Backlash 0.03mm(30μm)
Rod Type MetalAlloy Rod
Motor Type CorelessMotor
Rated Voltage 12V
Motor Watt 26W
Recommended Duty Cycle At Rated Load At Max Applicable Load
Max 50% Max 20%
Current Accuracy ±15%at Over 50mA
Position Sensor 10KΩlinear Potentiometer
Input Voltage Range 7 ~13V
Current Consumption Idle Rated Stall
Default MAX
20mA 380mA 800mA 1.6A
Audible Noise Approx. 50db at 1m
LED Indication Two Errors Indications (Input voltage, Overload)
Pulse Signal / Pulse Range PWM (PT version, R/C Hobby Signal)
900μs(Retracted)-1500μs(Center)-2100μs (Extended)
Data Communication /
RS-485 or TTL(PT version) /
IR Robot open protocol(Default) or MODBUS RTU(Switchable)
Ingress Protection IP-54(Dust & Water Tight)
Size / Weight
(Excluding rod-end & hinge)
27mm 57.5(L)x29.9(W)x15(H)mm/ 49~52g
40mm 86.9(L)x36(W)x18(H)mm/ 96~99g
53mm 111.5(L)x36(W)x18(H)mm/ 124~127g
90mm 151.5(L)x36(W)x18(H)mm/ Approx. 177g
Operating Temperature -10℃~ 60℃
Wire Harness TTL(PTversion) : Molex to Molex Type (Molex 50-37-5033, 3pins) / 200mmlength, 0.08×60(22AWG)
or RS485(F version) : Molex to Molex Type(Molex 0510650400, 4pins) / 200mm length, 0.08×60(22AWG)
* Design and Specification can be changed without prior notice for further improvement.


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