mightyZAP, the micro linear servo actuating solution for the era of the 4th industrial revolution

Mini Linear Servo Actuator

Actuator Lineup Overview

Lineup Schematic / Selection Tips

Select desired product lineup based on the lineup comparison chart / schematic and main feature of each lineup. After selecting the product lineup according to “Control feature”, select a specific model considering the required stroke, force, speed, etc on the concerned product lineup page.

Lineup Comparison Chart
  POSITION Control (L12, D12, D7) Lineup FORCE Control (12Lf) Lineup Limit Switch (12L, 12D) Lineup
Body Size Identical for each stroke
Motor Cored DC Coreless DC Coreless DC Cored DC Coreless DC
Input Voltage 7.4V / 12V 12V 12V 7.4V / 12V 12V
Stroke 26mm(1) 27mm(2) 41mm 56mm 96mm 27mm 40mm 53mm 90mm 22mm 22mm
Rated Load / Max Speed (No Load) 6N, 36mm/s
12N, 12mm/s
12N, 110mm/s
20N, 80mm/s
40N, 28mm/s
64N, 10.5mm/s
100N, 7.7mm/s
17N, 80mm/s
31N, 28mm/s
50N, 10.5mm/s
78N, 7.7mm/s
12N, 110mm/s
20N, 80mm/s
35N, 28mm/s
55N, 15mm/s
100N, 7.7mm/s
10N, 100mm/s
17N, 80mm/s
27N, 28mm/s
42N, 15mm/s
78N, 7.7mm/s
12N, 10mm/s 35N, 28mm/s
55N, 15mm/s
100N, 7.7mm/s
Repeatability Bi-directional 60μm 80μm 100μm 60μm 80μm 100μm -
Uni-directional 30μm 40μm 50μm 30μm 40μm 50μm 500μm
Current Control Limitedly Available (Motor operating rate parameter) Goal Current Parameter :
Controllable between 100mA~1600mA (default 800mA)
Speed Control Goal Speed Parameter :
Control in 1024 steps resolution (Default 1024 Max speed)
Communication PWM / TTL Or RS-485(3) No Need
Protocol IR Open protocol IR Robot open protocol(Default)
or MODBUS RTU(Switchable)
Data Feedback Position, Voltage, Temperature,
Motor operating Rate
Position, Current, Voltage,Temperature,
Motor operating rate
Error Indication
7 Error Alarms
(Overload, Checksum, Data Range, Overheat, Stroke Limit, Input voltage,Instruction Error)
Error Indication
Two Errors Indications (Input voltage, Overload)

(1)Extendable upto 29mm on the Manager software (26mm Recommended)

(2)Extendable upto 30mm on the Manager software (27mm Recommended)

(3)PWM/TTL signal automatically recognized (No feedback feature with PWM)

Optional Accessories


Here are dedicated boards for 12Lf, L12, D12, D7 series servo actuators.

The mightyZAP linear servo actuator operates by receiving communication commands from various customer’s controllers
(PC, PLC, Embedded Board, etc.).
If you do not have a controller, you can control actuator by our several different control boards.
All boards have built-in basic programs for immediate use, and also they can be programmed by users.


The IR-USB02 is not a controller, but a USB to RS-485 / TTL converter that can be used with a PC.
It is highly recommended to purchase this board when your first purchase of actuators as you can set various parameters, test the motion, update the firmware, and do a simple diagnosis for the actuator on our dedicated Manager software.

Mounting Solution

See various mounting options for the mightyZAP.
Our actuator can be installed using basic accessories – the hinge and rod-end tip,
but we provide more various mounting options for various customer’s requirements.
They are common for 12Lf, L12, D12, D7 servo actuators, 12Lb Feedback actuators, 12L/12D limit switch actuator.


All servo actuators (12Lf, L12, D12, D7 series) will be delivered along with basic 200mm wire harness and we also provide more extension wire options for customer’s needs.

Extension Wire | 3Pin TTL/PWM (PT) | Molex Connector (50-37-5033)

* It is an extension wire applicable to the facility, not a 200mm wire included in the standard accessory.

Extension Wire | 4Pin RS-485 (F) | Molex Connector (51065-0400)

* It is an extension wire applicable to the facility, not a 200mm wire included in the standard accessory.

Basic Connector Wire

* 1pc of this wire is already included in the actuator package.

Housings & Terminals

Molex connectors / terminals (Bulk)
Get small qty of Molex connectors & terminals for making your own wire harness.
(1set = for 10pcs of connectors)

Rod-End Tips

Find several different types of optional rod end tips that can be used according to your needs.

The basic rod end tip provided with the actuator can also be purchased additionally.


Here are more miscellaneous accessories such as power gender, and connector cap.