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New Force Control lineup released !!

2020-04-08 11:07

As of April 1, 2020, a new FORCE control lineup is released.

  • In the case of the mightyZAP lineup whose main feature is position control, the force and speed control were limitedly available within a narrow range, but in the case of the new FORCE control lineup, both Force and Speed control are entirely functional.
  • Force control will be based on the current feedback.
  • In the near future, the force control version will be patched with the industrial MODBUS protocol. (Future update)
  • Our current position control lineup and new FORCE control lineup are sold at different price points, so you can choose according to the purpose of the application.
  • Please refer to [here] for the differences between the two product lineup.

The 27mm stroke version to be released first in April 2020, and the rest of the stroke versions will be released sequentially within May.
Thank you for your attention.