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[IR-STS01] Arduino Servo Tester Shield User Manual

2018-06-25 17:50
[updated on Aug, 18th, 2020]

IR-STS01 is a Arduino Servo Tester Shield based on  Arduino Leonardo(or Uno) and delivered with Arduino Leonardo + Servo Tester Shield as a set.

User is able to control mightyZAP on Arduino without IR-STS01, but may control servo motor in easier & convenient manner with IR-STS01.

The updated manual is for both position control and the new force control lineup actuators.


[updated on Oct, 24th, 2022]

[Notice for users of IR-STS01 Arduino Servo Tester Shield Board]

The default ID 0 of the actuator under firmware version 2.0 or lower has been standalone ID, that is, it responds to commands of any ID. But, from the actuator with firmware version 2.0 or higher, the default setting ID 0 of is treated as an individual ID 0 like other IDs, so it responds to command of ID 0.

Therefore, if you are using an actuator with firmware version 2.0 or higher with the default ID 0, you need to set the ID matching of the IR-STS01 board before using the IR-STS01.

Setting is simple. Just gently turn the VR1 Application dial shown below counterclockwise (left direction) all the way. (Pay attention not to damage the dial with the excessive turning force.)  This setting allows communication with the actuator ID 0. (In other words, if you change the ID, you must also adjust the corresponding dial.)

All IR-STS01 shipped from October 24, 2022 are to be delivered after necessary dial setting, so no need for additional adjustment.