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mightyZAP Manager software Update (Ver.2.3a)

2020-05-19 18:11

Newly updated software V.2.4a has been released!  See related announcement.


mightyZAP manager software V.2.3a is an integrated software that can be used for both existing position control lineup products and new force control lineup products as the new FORCE control actuator lineup is added.  (Updated on May, 19th, 2020 from V2.2 to 2.3a for small bug fix)

  • Activation / deactivation area may differ depending on the function of each product line.
  • Users using the new force control actuator should use this new V2.3a version, not the old V.1.0.7.
  • We recommend users using old position control actuators to upgrade to the V2.3a version for bug fix.
  • The manual for V2.3a software is also attached.
  • If the old V1.0.7  or 2.2 version is already installed, please install V2.3a after deleting the old program.

[What are updated?]

  • Goal Current control range adjustment (for Force control lineup) (Max800)
  • Speed for ID search optimization.
  • Other Bug fix
Thank you.