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mightyZAP Manager Software / User Manual Update (Ver.3.1.1) (Feb, 21st, 2022)

2022-02-21 17:57

We are happy to release updated Manager software V3.1.1 to fix the bugs in current V3.0 .

[Bug Fix]

  • Saving error for Min/Max Position calibration data: Fixed.  Maintains data value even after Factory Reset
  • Saving error for Motion test result graph :  Fixed
  • Intermittent Reset error after firmware update : Fixed the bug that some PCs do not reset actuator after firmware update
  • Model list error : Some of Cored actuators(D series) Model List have been added
  • Communication error at low baudrate :  improvement when receiving mass data at  9600bps and 19200bps
  • Overload shutdown setting error : After Overload error shutdown is disabled, the data could not be saved  in the old firmware of Position control lineup products.    End.