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mightyZAP, the micro linear servo actuating solution for the era of the 4th industrial revolution
Arduino Based EZ Controller


  • mightyZAP EZ Controller based on Arduino
  • TTL / RS-485, PWM Interface
  • Position Assigning Dial, Position Command S/W, Position Slide
  • Factory Program Installed / Programmable (Dedicated Arduino Library Provided)
  • Control via External Switch or Voltage Level Signal Available.
  • Current Capacity : 4A / Input voltage : 7.4V or 12V

Main Features

  • mightyZAP controller/tester for customers who do not have their own controller.
  • Arduino based simple operation.
  • Built-in basic control program, User programmable (Arduino example provided).
  • Built-in position setting dials, position command button switches and position command slide
  • Controllable through external switch or voltage level signal
  • 6 x I/O pins for analog/digital sensor connection
  • External communication terminal for Bluetooth or Zigbee communication
  • Current Capacity : 4A
  • Input voltage : 7.4V or 12V

How to Use

Micro linear motion.
Our business. 

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