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mightyZAP, the micro linear servo actuating solution for the era of the 4th industrial revolution
(1000x1000) ir-eb01(1000x1000) ir-eb01
End Bearing


  • Rod End Ball Bearings for mightyZAP
  • M2.5, M3 Screws Applied

Main Features

  • End bearing (IR-EB01) allows you to mount MightyZAP on your applications by attaching rod end (M3.0) and servo case (M2.5).
    Please reference below for better understanding.

How to Use

This product includes
1. End bearing (M3.0 / Black) : 1ea
2. End bearing (M2.5 / Silver) : 1ea
3. Spring washer : 2ea
4. Washer : 1ea

* Make sure to fix the end bearings by paying attention to the order of the washer as shown in the picture above.
* Failure to tighten in order may cause malfunction or product damage.

+ Installation manual can be downloaded in our website(Click) .

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