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mightyZAP, the micro linear servo actuating solution for the era of the 4th industrial revolution
(1000x1000) ir-gt01(1000x1000) ir-gt01
Rod-End Grip Tip


  • Rod-End Soft Grip Tip for mightyZAP
  • 3 Different Types Rubber/Silicon Pads

Main Features

The IR-GT01 Rod-End Grip tip is an accessory that prevents physical damage to the application object by attaching a grip tip with a soft pad onto the rod-end of mightyZAP.

For example, by attaching a rubber/silicone pad to the flat grip tip, it can be used to push or touch an object that is easy to be scratched or damaged, or to hold or lift an object using the frictional force of the silicone.

How to Use


Flat Type End Tip (M3.0 x 10mmø flat head) : 1EA

M3 Nut : 1EA

Silicone Pad (Dome type) 10mmø, 3T : 2EA

Silicone Pad (Flat type) 10mmø, 3T : 2EA

Rubber Pad (Flat type) 10mmø, 5T : 2EA

      ※ The shape and specifications of the included silicone/rubber pad are subject to be changed depending on the supply and demand situation.





How to attach the end

The included silicone/rubber pad contains three different types of pads for universal use, so if it does not meet the customer’s purpose, customer may apply different pads having required specification.

Select the most appropriate pad to the customer’s needs after reviewing the shape and properties of each pad.

Cleanly remove foreign substances, moisture or oil from the surface of the end tip before attaching. Then, remove the protective tape from the pad and attach it to the end tip.

Use it after the adhesive component is sufficiently hardened. For the sample pad included, 24 hours is recommended.

Be careful not to apply excessive turning force to the rod when installing the end tip to the rod-end. Otherwise, it may cause product damage.

Example of utilization

Micro linear motion.
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