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U Type Rod-End Bracket


  • Free Angle U Type Rod-End Bracket

Main Features

The IR-MC05 U Type Rod-End Bracket is a good replacement of basic rod-end tip, allowing the user to set the desired angle more easily and freely. It can be used together with the Hinge (standard accessory) and optional metal brackets – IR-MB02, MB03, and MB04.

How to Use

This product includes

1. U-type Bracket – 1EA
2. Hinge Pin (3.0Ø x12.0mm) – 1EA
3. Socket Head Bolt (S/H M3.0x6.0 Ni)- 1EA
4. Tooth Lock Washer (Ex 3.2 x In 6.5×0.45T Ni) – 1EA
5. E-Rings – 2EA



How to mount

· After inserting ① Tooth Lock Washer between U bracket and actuator rod,
· Fix the ②U-type Bracket with ③M3 Socket Head Bolt at the desired angle.
· Insert ④ the hinge-pin together with the object and fix it with ⑤ 2 x E-rings.

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