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mightyZAP, the micro linear servo actuating solution for the era of the 4th industrial revolution
제품등록 IR-USB02제품등록 IR-USB02
PC USB Interface


  • USB to RS-485 or TTL Converter
  • Interface board between User’s PC and Actuator
  • For Parameter Setting, Data Monitoring, Motion Test and Firmware Update on the Manager software
  • Input Voltage : 12VDC
  • Current Capacity : 4A / Input voltage : 7.4V or 12V

Main Features

The IR-USB02 PC USB Interface is an useful and essential item for all of mightyZAP users. (recommended to purchase it when your first purchase for actuators)
As a next generation of old IR-USB01, this dedicated USB to RS-485(or TTL) converter enables users to connects the actuator with the PC so as to use the PC software mightyZAP Manager.

Through mightyZAP Manager software, various parameters setting, data monitoring, motion test, and firmware update can be performed intuitively and conveniently.
It provides two communication ports (TTL and RS-485) and power terminal which supplies power to the actuator. (Input voltage (7.4V or 12V) should be supplied properly according to actuator’s specification.)

– Operating parameter setting

– Storage memory setting

– Error Indication setting

– System reset

– Firmware update

· Current Capacity : 4A
· Input voltage : 7.4V or 12V

How to Use

※ The IR-USB02 does not include an USB cable.  Please use a Micro B type 5pin cable supporting data transfer (Micro B type cable for smart phone would be fine).
※ Supply proper input power (7.4V or 12V) to IR-USB02 according to actuator’s specification.
※ Make sure correct polarity of the power connection. (refer to the marking on the back of IR-USB02)

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